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Rock Wall

Currently under the pandemic our Rock Wall is Closed.

Test your climbing skills with beginner levels as well as routes for the more advanced rock wall climber. Lots of fun and good exercise for all ages. Open during all public sessions!

Safety Rules

Before Climb Starts
  • Climber can not exceed weight limit of 250 pounds
  • After you are hooked into your harness, stay in the harness area.
  • Wait until our staff member tells you to go to the climbing area.
During Your Climb
  • Stay on the climbing route for your station
  • Don’t cross over to put yourself directly beneath or above other climbers.
  • It’s best to having tennis shoes or rock climbing shoes on for climbing.
  • Don’t climb in a skirt without shorts underneath or a shirt.
  • Don’t climb beyond the wall top. Don’t go beyond chest-height to the wall top.
During Your Descent
  • Don’t kick off more than 6 or 8 feet from the wall.
  • Rappel straight down, and don’t swing too close to other climbers.
  • Be alert for other climbers beneath you, who may have strayed from their routes.
 At the End of Your Climb
  • When you are lowered to the ground at the end of the climb, land on your feet.
  • After your climb is complete, wait for our staff to unhook you.
  • Once you have been unhooked, go to the harness area where we will remove your harness. Please do not try to remove the harness yourself.